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for Less.
1315 NE 3rd St. Bend, OR 97701
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About Brakes for less

         Here at Central Oregon Brakes for Less, we will always strive to bring you the best brake / suspension service and maintenance and the lowest possible prices.  We strongly encourage you to bring any quotes you may recieve from any other shops and we will compair apples to apples and beat any physical quote with part numbers and labor on it by at least 10%.  Brakes and basic suspension is what we focus on, doing this allows us to do these jobs at better prices than our competitors.

  • Jeff Southwick (Dad) After 30 years as a brake and suspension mechanic at a local well known tire shop he retired.  Recently he discovered a need in Central Oregon for a brake shop that could offer an affordable brake job. Absolutely amazing mechanic very focused on providing the best and most affordable brake services in Central Oregon. "Even more amazing as a Father" - Joshua and Joe his sons.
  • Joe Southwick (Son) has been a mechanic since he was a kid, learning everything from his Dad and local shops that he has worked with.
  • "Born to be a Great Mechanic, and even better Brother" - Joshua and Joe her sons.
  • Kathy Southwick (Momma) is the BEST MOST AMAZING Mom anyone in the world could ever wish for. Kathy(Mom) helps with day in and day out operations of the business and holds us together as a great loving family!!!
  • "Amazingly inspiring and infinitly motivating individual, if she's helping her family or a friend or a stranger, she'll leave a mark in your life forever." - Joshua (son)
  • Joshua Southwick (Son) has been a service advisor locally for 5 years. I will always strive to deliver a smile and helping hand to anyone who pulls into Central Oregon Brakes for Less. If you are my best friend or family member or a first time walk-in you will be treated equally.
  • "My goal in life is to help at least one person with something everyday of my life." - Joshua (Son)
  • Alex S. Is an awesome mechanic and employee that started with us in Early 2015.  We couldn't be more happy that he is here on our team.

    Steve B. Is also an awesome mechanic and employee that started with us mid 2015.  He's constantly working in between busy times and we are very grateful to have him on our team.

    Questions? Call us at (541) 318-7867 (STOP)

    Did we mention we're family owned, operated and approved :)

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